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Let me introduce myself.........

                           My name is Christian and I am the founder of SoundJourneybyChristian. I am a fully qualified Sound                               Therapist and Reiki practitioner, as well as a lover of all things didgeridoo, having played this magical and healing instrument for many years. 

I first discovered the power of sound, when I attended Gong and other Soundbaths during weekends away at festivals here in the UK. The impact that those early experiences had upon me and my life were profound. The realisation that sound can have such a huge impact on your day to day life, and have a significant and empowering effect on your overall wellbeing was life changing for me, and so through these experiences, I understand just how much of a difference this could make to you and your journey too.

Sound Therapy and Sound Healing is recognised for the profound effect it can have on your wellbeing. Whether it be through the vibration that flows from the instruments, assisting in realigning your chakras, cleansing the aura and bio-field, to the interaction and effect that sound has directly upon the neurons within the brain and brainwave frequencies. All this assisting to clear blockages, whether they be mental, physical, emotional or spiritual and assist you on your journey towards improved health and wellbeing

Since I first started out on this journey, I have now accumulated a wide variety of instruments, including Himalayan Singing Bowls, Didgeridoo, Hand-Pan, Tuning Forks and Native flutes, as well as many other instruments, all of which work in their own unique way.

As a practitioner, it is profoundly important to me, that I hold space for you in a professional and compassionate way, so that I can assist you on a journey that will aid in the healing of your mind, body and soul, helping to return you to a positive state of health and wellbeing.

The services I offer centre around connection, whether that be on a 1to1 basis or  within a group setting. 

Compassion, consideration and support is at the heart of everything I do.

I host Group Soundbaths at various venues across Yorkshire and beyond, I am also available for private group bookings (such as Hen do's), 1to1 Sound Therapy sessions, Corporate and School wellbeing, retreats and sound therapy in a care environment.

Reiki treatments are also available at venues in Harrogate, Northallerton and Leeds area, or I can come to you.

Didgeridoo workshops are available for Groups, 1to1, Corporate Team Building sessions and School workshops and other events.

Take a look around my website, or even better, get in touch with me for a chat or to discuss your requirements.

 Tel: 07849861713 or Email: sound.journeybychristian@gmail.com


What is Sound Therapy?

Sound therapy is a process by which a variety of instruments are used to produce therapeutic sound, using frequency and vibration, which has been shown to have a significant effect on your state of health and wellbeing. When an instrument such as Tuning Forks and Himalayan Singing Bowls are played, they produce a frequency and vibration, which travel through air and matter (much like ripples across a pond). These 'waves' of sound that are created, interact with the aura, the human bio-field, the neurons and brainwaves, thus affecting every cell within the body. During sound therapy sessions, you often experience a deeply relaxing effect, upon the mind, body and soul, allowing the body time to rest and rejuvenate, the benefits of sound therapy include deep relaxation, reduced stress, anxiety or depression, as well as many other benefits including that of an improvement in other more significant health issues. 

In recent years scientific research studies including those on Alzheimer's and Dementia, have shown improvements in the memory recall (see links below). Sound therapy can also assist in the clearing of blockages and re-alignment of the chakras, thus improving your overall mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.




What are Neurons?

There are approximately 100 billion cells called 'Neurons', the basic building blocks of the brain. These specialized cells are designed to transmit information, by way of electrical pulses, known as 'brainwaves', sending information throughout the whole body. You could think of them a bit like wires of a computer, transmitting information over short and long distances, as much as several feet away. There are three basic parts that make up a 'Neuron', these are:

1) The 'cell body' (Soma) - the main part, which has all the necessary component, such as the nucleus.

2) The Axon - a long cable-like projection, which carries the electrical signal.

3) Dendrites or Nerve endings - small branchlike projections, which make connections to other cells, allowing the neurons to 'talk' to each other.

What are Brainwaves?

Brainwaves are synchronised electrical pulses/ activity within the brain, these electrical pulses are created by masses of neurons communicating with each other. Brainwaves are measured in 'Hertz' and can be defined into five different states of frequency. These are......Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. 

Gamma Brainwaves (30hz or more)

These are the fastest of the brainwave frequencies and are associated with cognitive function, learning, memory and the processing of information. The mind has to be quiet in order to access Gamma frequencies. Gamma frequencies can be related to an expanded or higher state of consciousness.

Beta Brainwaves (13-30Hz)

These are where we are in our most normal waking state of consciousness, thus attention is directed towards cognitive tasks such as problem solving, judgement and problem solving. It is also the state where we can therefore experience stress and anxiety most frequent.

Alpha Brainwaves (8-12Hz)

These brainwaves are the mid-state of brainwave frequency. They are produced at times where you may not be concentrating too hard, or on anything in particular, for example, when you have recently woken up and are still feeling relatively calm and relaxed.

Theta Brainwaves (4-7Hz)

Theta brainwaves are the border between conscious and sub-conscious, this frequency occurs at a point when we are drifting off to sleep. They are the gateway to our dream state, as well as our learning, memory and intuition. They are also dominant during periods of deep meditation and relaxation.

Delta Brainwaves (2 - 4Hz)

Delta brainwaves are a slow, low frequency brainwave. A state where deep meditation and dreamless sleep occurs. When these brainwaves are active, awareness of the external world is suspended and healing and regeneration of the cells of your body can  be stimulated. This is exactly why deep restorative sleep is an essential part of the healing process.  A perfect example of Delta frequency is that of a beating drum, eg. shamanic drums.

What is Reiki?

Reiki means 'Universal Life Force Energy', it originates from Japan and dates back to the teachings of Mikao Usui in the 1920s. Reiki is a gentle form of energy healing. When you receive a Reiki treatment, the healing energies help to restore balance to the mind, body and emotions, by removing blockages from the system and realigning your chakras, restoring balance to the flow of energy. Reiki is channelled through a means of non-intrusive, gentle touch, or no touch at all, the benefits of which can include a deep sense of relaxation, an increase in energy levels, reduce stress, anxiety,  depression and promote a significant improvement in your general health and wellbeing. 

What are the Chakras?

The word Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning ' Wheel of Light', they are the energy centres of the etheric body and appear as wheel like vortices of energy. There are seven main chakras, which appear along the nave of the spine. They are as follows: - Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Sacral Chakra and Root Chakra, and each Chakra has it's own purpose, association and connection. Balancing the chakras is important as it helps to maintain optimum well-being of the mind, body and soul.

Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

This chakra is just above the head and has a Violet/ Pink colour. It represents the doorway to pure consciousness. When balanced, you are living in peace and at one with the divine, when unbalanced it can mean you are unable to let go of anxiety and fear. The associated organ is the brain. The elements associated with the crown chakra are Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Represented by the note 'B' in Sound Therapy.

Third Eye Chakra (Ajna)

This chakra is situated just between the eyebrows, on the forehead and has an Indigo colour. It represents knowledge of being, vision, inner knowing, imagination and self assurance. When in balance it brings awareness to the spiritual side of being and when unbalanced you can be afraid of intuition and see only obvious surface meaning. The associated organ is the brain. The elements associated with the third eye chakra are Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Represented by the note 'A' in Sound Therapy. 

Throat Chakra (Vishudda)

This chakra is situated at the base of the throat and has a light Blue/ Cyan colour. It represents expression of being and it's function is to help us find authentic self expression. When in balance it means you know balance of expression, silence and speech and you are able to listen to your inner voice, and trust your intuition, when unbalanced you can be fearful of being judged and rejected, as well as being afraid of silence. The part of the body associated is the thyroid gland. The element associated with the throat chakra is Ether. Represented by the note 'G' in Sound Therapy.

Heart Chakra (Anahata)

This chakra is situated at the centre of the chest and has a Green colour. It represents loving self/ beyond self, compassion, immunity and peace. When in balance it means you exude feelings of wholeness, tolerance and acceptance of life and relationships, when unbalanced the love you give is insincere, you look for rewards and you can have difficulty accepting love given by others. The organs represented are the heart and lungs. The element associated with the heart chakra is Air. Represented by the note 'F' in Sound Therapy.

Solar Plexus (Manipura)

This chakra is situated just below the diaphragm, in the centre of the navel and has a yellow colour. It represents will, personal power, digestion and assimilation of nutrients. When in balance you have feelings of wholeness, inner calm and peace, inner tolerance of others and acceptance, when unbalanced there could be no trust in flow, a need to dominate, emphasis on the material world and material security. The organs represented is the pancreas. The element associated with the solar plexus chakra is Fire. Represented by the note 'E' in Sound Therapy.

Sacral Chakra (Svadhistana)

This chakra is situated one hands width below the navel, in line with the top of the pelvis and has an Orange colour. It represents creativity, procreation, sexual function and promotion of vitality. When in balance you are considerate, open, friendly and are able to share emotions and feelings with others, when unbalanced you can be unsure and unstable in sexual and emotional matters, have difficulty in expression of feelings and suppress natural needs. The organs represented are the large intestine, bladder, kidneys and reproductive organs. The element associated with the sacral chakra is Water. Represented by the note 'D' in Sound Therapy.

Root Chakra (Muladhara)

This chakra is situated just below the base of the spine, between the legs and has a bright Red colour. It represents energetic function, inner stability and a sense of being grounded. When in balance you have a profound connection with nature and a deep understanding of its ebb and flow, when unbalanced you have an inability to trust in nature, are unable to focus on material possessions and a need to satisfy your own desires and wishes. The organs represented are the large intestine and rectum. The element associated with the root chakra is Earth. Represented by the note 'C' in Sound Therapy.

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