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Didgeridoo Workshops

The didgeridoo is an ancient tribal instrument, which originates from Australia, it is primarily and instrument of the coastal 'Arnhem Lands', in the 'Northern Territories'. Researchers have suggested that the didgeridoo could be the oldest instrument in the world, dating over 40'000 years old. Traditionally, there is no evidence to show it was used as far South as Alice Springs, and certainly not within the Southern 3/4 of Australia.  The Didgeridoo is traditionally made from Eucalyptus trees, hollowed out by termites, but can also be made from pretty much any material, for which you can create a hollow tube from, including plastic, metal, other solid woods, bamboo and hemp, along with the different lengths and shapes created, from box didgeridoos, to those which are round (like a snail shell) or as much as 7 feet in length. The Didgeridoo produces low pitch, resonant sound, with complex rhythmic patterns, it is a traditional instrument used for ceremonial activities, along with chants, singers and dancers, as well as this, it is often seen as a healing instrument, and a powerful one at that, as the strong vibrations from this beautiful native instrument can have a powerful effect upon your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, assisting in clearing stuck energies, re-aligning and balancing the chakras. 

The word 'Didgeridoo' is a western name for this instrument, but traditionally, there are many different names, depending upon the native tribe, I have listed a few below, along with in some cases, the meaning/translation of the word or name of the instrument:

Arnhem Land - Gupapygu Tribe

Yiraka (meaning 'Trachea/ Wind Pipe)

Arnhem Land - Djinang Tribe


Katherine - Jawoyn Tribe

Artawirr (meaning 'hollow log')

Mornington Island - Lardil Tribe


Kimberleys, WA - Nyul Nyul Tribe

Ngaribi (meaning 'Bamboo')

Adelaide River - Warray Tribe

bambu (used for singing)

The ancient history of the didgeridoo makes it a powerful, fun and enjoyable instrument, to learn about, and to play, and so lending itself perfectly to talks and school/ after school workshops or activities, as well as opportunities, for a very different, fun and interactive team building workshop. Although there is most certainly an art to playing it, which for some, can be picked up really quickly, but for others, it can take quite a long time. The key to creating the full array of sounds, is 'circular breathing', effectively meaning you are breathing in through your nose, and out through the mouth, at what seems like the same time, this is where the real fun of this instrument brings it to life, with the creation of different sounds, from the basic 'drone' note, to talking down the didge and even the animal sounds that you can create. You can see a short demonstration of one of the many didgeridoos I own                 .Which also happens to be the very first didgeridoo I made myself, back in 2011, I have since made several more from Ash and Downy Birch.       

Sessions available

All sessions can be tailored to your specific requirements and the first step is to get in touch with Christian for a chat on Tel: 07849861713. Listed below are a selection of the types of sessions that are available....

Sessions are available for school/ after school groups, corporate team building workshops or any other similar group events, as a blend of talks, demonstrations or fully interactive and fun workshops, from taster sessions to one off events or regular group workshops.

Length of sessions: 1 - 2 hrs, half day and full day workshops or events

Sessions can be arranged specifically as didgeridoo talks and workshops or as a blend of different activities, including sessions consisting of Meditation and Mindfulness, with a Soundbath to end the day, which includes the didgeridoo, to take you on that truly deep experience and powerful healing journey. A great way to experience the full power of this ancient tribal instrument.

Contact Christian on Tel: 07849861713 or Email: sound.journeybychristian@gmail.com

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