This is where you will find a variety of photos from various wellbeing events, talks, workshops and group soundbaths, one to one sound therapy and reiki demonstrations, as well as photos of the wide variety of instruments that I work with during any of my sound therapy sessions

MBS event - Demonstration and Talk
Hosting a demonstration and talk during a wellbeing event in Lancashire. demonstrating the benefits of sound therapy to attendees of a Mind, Body and Spirit Festival
My stall at a wellbeing weekend event, Harrogate
My stall all set up, ready to chat with the crowds on a busy weekend wellbeing event in Harrogate...'The Wonderful World of Wellbeing'
The making of my Shamanic Drum
The end result of a beautiful day spent at a festival in North Yorkshire, where I created my beautiful Shamanic Drum, with love, while honouring the spirit of the Ash Tree and the Goat, from which this drum was birthed.
Didge Silhouette at sunset
Camping in North Wales, a beautiful weekend trip in late March 2019, this silhouette photo of me playing by the camp fire, was captured perfectly by a dear friend. I loved this photo so much, it had to become the background to my website.
Didgeridoo Workshop - School Wellbeing Day Event
A fantastic school teacher's wellbeing day event. I hosted a didgeridoo workshop as part of the event in Ripon, North Yorkshire
Soundbath at York Yoga Studio - setting up
Preparing for another magical and fully booked Soundbath at York Yoga Studio in Acombe York, a beautiful venue where I hold regular sessions
Didgeridoo Soundbath - Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing
The magical instruments, including the didgeridoo, during a group soundbath in Harrogate
Festival Soundbath and Meditation
A group soundbath during an amazing festival weekend event in North Yorkshire...Beulah Festival 2018
Didgeridoo dream-time at the Roundhouse
Playing my Downy Birch Didgeridoo in the Round House, Lime Tree Farm, North Yorkshire...This beautiful didgeridoo was the fourth one I made, tuned to the Note 'B', it is perfect for raising the vibration and aligning the Crown Chakra.
The relation between Sound and the Chakras
This image shows the relation between the Chakras and the different notes, how they correlate to the chakra and benefit you.
Himalayan Sing Bowl
This singing bowl is tuned to the note 'C', and relates to the Root Chakra, when played in combination with a 'G' note Singing Bowl, it creates a perfect fifth and so they are in harmony together.
Waterside Didgeridoo Relaxation
While out for a walk, sat playing my didgeridoo by the water's edge at Swinsty Reservoir in North Yorkshire. The didgeridoo is an ancient tribal instrument, known to be circa. 4000 years old, originating from the Arnhem Lands, of the Northern Territories of Australia, a very magical and powerful healing instrument. I use this instrument during group soundbaths and I am also available for group talks, school workshops and corporate team building workshops with the didgeridoo
Hand Pan at Malham Cove, North Yorkshire
Whilst out for a beautiful walk in the hills, I took my 'E' note Hand Pan, along with me, to play atop Malham Cove, this note has been scientifically found to assist in memory recall improvements in patients with Alzheimer's and Dementia issues
Soundbath - Yoga Wellbeing, Keighley, West Yorkshire
Guests all laying comfortably and ready for another deep relaxation group soundbath session
Didgeridoo time in the hills
I love going out walking in the hills and on this occasion decided to take one of my didgeridoos along with me, to play.
Deep sound meditation - Playing the didgeridoo
Deep in the zone, playing my didgeridoo, while out for a beautiful walk in the countryside.
Making a new Didgeridoo
I have made a few of my own didgeridoos and can also show you how, or make one for you, check out the process here, cutting, hollowing, clamping, sanding, putting the love and energy into making some new singing sticks.
Branches drying out, to make more singing sticks
These beautiful branches, gathered from local woodlands, need time to dry, before creating more beautiful singing sticks.
Soundbath in the Roundhouse
The beginning of a magical, peaceful and relaxing journey, set within the equally beautiful round-house at Lime Tree Farm, Grewelthorpe, in North Yorkshire
Sound Bath in the roundhouse
Taking part in a Soundbath, is a great way to bring harmony to the mind, body and soul, and assist in deep relaxation, as these lovely people found during a session at a festival I attended in North Yorkshire
Open Mic didge-time
Playing my didgeridoo at an open mic session in Harrogate, North Yorkshire
Soundbath at a Yoga Retreat weekend
All set up, with guests comfortable, ready to host a 1hr 30 minute Soundbath at their retreat weekend
Himalayan Singing Bowls and Hand-Pan
Part of my collection of beautiful instruments, guaranteed to take you on a deep and relaxing journey, these Singing Bowls and Hand Pan are just beautiful to play, I love them
The Chakras
The chakras are a spinning disc of energy, a bit like a vortex. They canb become blocked and slow, causing blockages in the flow of energy, this is where sound can have a significant effect, assisting in the clearing of these blockages and returning you to a more balanced and health state of wellbeing
This is an image of the Neurons. They are the cells that make up the brain, it is these that fire off the electrical signals, known as 'Brainwaves' that communicate, passing information to other cells in the body, telling them what to do.
The 'Brainwaves'
'Brainwaves' are electrical signals, fired by the neurons, they are pulses of electrical signals, that are sent to every cell within the body, an information highway, within the body.
Singing Bowl/ Tuning Fork
Some of the beautiful, resonant instruments that I use as part of my group and one to one sound therapy sessions
Reiki session - 1to1
A 1to1 Reiki Healing session. Reiki assists in healing the mind, body and soul, clearing the system of blockages by aligning the chakras, and returning you to a positive state of wellbeing. the power of Reiki Healing has been long known and dates back to the early 1920s, a system of energy healing that has a powerful impact on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level. Contact me to book your appointment, available in person or as distant healing, click the link for more details.
1to1 Therapy set-up
Whether it be 1to1 Sound Therapy or Reiki, you are sure to be comfortable upon my therapy couch, relax and allow the process of healing to flow and realign the mind, body and soul.
1to1 Sound Therapy
1to1 Sound Therapy works on a deep level, assisting in realigning your mind, body and soul on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level, helping to clear past traumas and many other issues that could be causing an imbalance of the flow of energy, thus your overall state of wellbeing
The instruments
A variety of the instruments I use as part of my group and 1to1 sound therapy sessions - didgeridoo, Himalayan singing bowls and many more
Tuning Forks Therapy
These tuning forks assist in clearing energy and affect the mind, body and soul on a deep level, realigning the chakras and assisting in finding blockages within the flow
The collection - Himalayan Bowls
Just some of the collection of Himalayan Singing Bowls that I have, used to assist in a journey of deep relaxation, meditation and healing during my group and 1to1 sound therapy sessions
Tingsha Bells
These beautiful bells assist in the facilitation of meditation and mindfulness, they help to clear a room of negative energies, in preparation for and during a soundbath or meditation session
Shamanic Drum
The Shamanic Drum is an ancient healing instrument, the subtle yet strong vibrations will take you on a deep and powerful journey through healing, it is associated with taking you deep into the Delta Brainwave frequency, a state, where your body and the cells of your body can benefit the most from the healing process
Bamboo Leaves
The gentle rustling sounds of these leaves will leave you with a deep sense of peace and calm, I use these beautiful leaves, gently rustling, to assist you on your journey of healing during a group soundbath session
Healing instruments - chimes
These assorted chimes - Wah-Wah Tube, Triangle, Woodstock Bar Chimes all assist in a journey of deep relaxation and the subtle sounds have a deep effect during meditation and mindfulness sessions as well as group soundbaths
Native Flutes
The healing sounds of the native flutes, here both Native Indian and Traditional Norwegian flutes - a very beautiful collection of healing instruments for sound therapy
Koshi Bells
These magical 'wind chimes' or 'bells' are used during my group and 1to1 sound therapy sessions, they are tuned to the four elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air, representing in order the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras. They assist in clearing the energies and re-balancing the chakras, bringing alignment, along with a sense of deep healing and peacefulness
African Shakers
These beautiful African Shakers are used for grounding during my group and 1to1 sound therapy sessions, they assist in 'cementing' any healing received during the sessions, into the mind, body and soul, assisting you in your journey to an improved state of health and wellbeing.
Kalimba (Thumb Piano)
This beautiful instrument is sure to send you on a beautiful, tranquil and harmonious journey. I love playing this little instrument, during my group soundbath sessions
Kosmosky Tank Drum
This absolutely amazing instrument, is a true favourite of mine (if that is actually possible) as I love all the instruments I play. This is tuned to the note Astral 'A minor' and is associated with healing and opening up the Third Eye Chakra, the chakra related to intuition, wisdom and our sixth sense, as well as the ability to connect you with your dreams. It brings a deep sense of peace and harmony.
RavVast - Hand Pan
This magical instrument is tuned to the note 'Low E', it represents the Solar Plexus Chakra, the chakra related to confidence in self, vitality and personal power.
The instrument collection
The wide variety of instruments I use within my sound therapy sessions are all orchestrated in a way to take you on a deeply relaxing and powerful journey of discovery, flowing through the instruments in such a way that you are gently assisted into a state where your mind, body and soul can heal, while enabling you to feel both totally rejuvenated and relaxed during the sessions.
Sound Therapy as part of Health care
Supporting those in need and showing them the different instruments, allowing them to have a go at playing and interacting, is one of many parts of being a holistic therapist, that I love. Talks and Workshops are available in a health care environment and I can assist in the wellbeing of those across a wide spectrum of health related issues, through the power of Sound Therapy
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