One to One Sound Therapy Treatment

A Demonstration

One to One Sound Therapy sessions enable us to work with you, on a much deeper and more personal level, as the combined use of therapeutic sound and vibrational sound frequency guide you to a richer and deeper understanding of your self, your health and your well-being. It can be a very empowering process, as we work with you on many levels, to assist you on your journey towards personal transformation. This may be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. As you may choose to work on a specific ailment or condition, current or deep rooted emotions/feelings, connections from the past, beliefs of a self-limiting nature, or perhaps you may just wish to gain a better understanding or insight of self. Everyone is individual, everyone is unique and 1to1 Sound Therapy can be tailored to your needs at the time, and assist you on that journey towards a more positive state of health and wellbeing. This taster session includes Himalayan Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Shamanic Drum, Koshi Bells and Tingsha Bells.

The Didgeridoo

The didgeridoo is an ancient instrument that has been around for thousands of years, primarily used in the Northern Territories of Australia, by the native Aboriginal peoples'. The didgeridoo is known for and used for it's healing sounds and vibrations, deep vibrations of which can assist in keeping you grounded. The Sound Frequency and Vibrations have a very deep and therapeutic benefit. The deep resonance of the didgeridoo assists in shifting blockages and stuck energy on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level They often have markings on them, telling a story, or simply coloured in vivid colours, didgeridoos are usually made from the local trees available in the territories, most of which consist of Eucalyptus, but in the Western world you can also make them from Oak, Ash, Beech, Sycamore, Birch, Yew and many other native trees, I would never however take a branch from a living tree, only one naturally fallen.

The Hand-Pan - Note 'Low E'

The Hand-Pan I use during my sessions is tuned to the note 'Low E' and scientific research has shown that it is beneficial for treating different forms of Alzheimer's and Dementia, based on studies of the effects that the sound has upon the brainwave frequencies and the neurons, the basic building blocks of the brain. This particular note also works to align and open up the Solar Plexus Chakra, which corresponds the flow of energy  to the stomach, gall bladder and liver, as well as the skin

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This is where you can watch & learn about some of the instruments used in Sound Therapy and experience a variety of videos, generally ranging around 15-20 minutes in length, all designed to enable deep relaxation and meditation

Crystal Singing Bowl and Woodland Bird Song Meditation

I have lovingly created this meditation and relaxation video for your enjoyment, to enable you to take some time out for self, to relax and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.... Sit back, close your eyes and relax, take a deep breath and as you bring awareness to your mind and body, allow your muscles to begin to relax, while still concentrating on your breath, noticing this too, beginning to regulate. You will find as you begin to settle to the sounds of the 432Hz Crystal Singing Bowls and the gentle, subtle sounds of the birds singing, imagine yourself sitting in the space, warm in the sunshine and just let go of all other thoughts around you, feel the stillness, and absorb the tranquil sounds, the deep meditative sounds. Notice yourself going deeper and deeper into that space of stillness, where you are able to totally relax, allowing time for the mind, body and soul to just be.